more recent POS woes - DEVS PLEASE TAKE NOTE!

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So, as I've asked about in the last few posts (the most pertinent one here), the Shopify POS has been unbearably buggy and/or user UN-friendly for the last couple months - and has not yet shown any signs of improving.  I always try to laugh it off with the customer while fumbling through the horrible new UI (which has apparently changed yet AGAIN since yesterday!) and having to restart the app before running their card ("software bugs - what can you do, ha ha"), but today I actually had a customer complain about how long it was taking to process their purchase - and that was really the last straw. 


To consolidate my list of grievances this month:


* Every single day, I have to restart the app before I can run the first cc transaction of the day, as it won't connect to my card reader, telling me I have to turn it on (it IS on dammit!). Admittedly, my reader is a few years old (Shopify 5047, S/N: CHB116746025047), but if Shopify is going to force me to pay to upgrade my reader because of compatibility issues on their end, then they'd better be prepared to send out a new one at no cost. This one isn't broken, and I absolutely should NOT have to pay for their mistakes.


* About 40% of the records/etc I sell are used, and therefore not in the shop database because I simply don't have time to add them all since there's only one of each and they turn over so quickly anyways. The way Custom Sale products work in the POS has changed at least three times in the last couple months, which not only causes confusion, but also UI issues. Now, when I click "Add Custom Sale", there's an orange bar that tells me that "Custom sales aren't deducted from product inventory." - well, duh! Isn't that the whole point of Custom Sales?? Anyways, this bar unnecessarily takes up too much real estate on my Ipad Mini, making it take twice as long to add these products. (Note: this was the point where today's customer took issue with the process - because of all my fumbling around these new and nonsensical changes, she treated me like it was my first day or had a learning disability or something...)  I'm going to need that entire bar removed, please. I wish I could hack the POS admin (like I constantly have to do in my browser), but I can't, so someone over there will need to fix this. Now.


And to reiterate for those annoyed by my verbosity:




* When I search for a product that is in my inventory and then click it to add to the cart, the screen just sits there like an idiot instead of doing something useful, like going to the previous screen or to the cart or anything at all, really. When you add a product via custom sale, it goes to the cart - why can't this also happen with inventory products, as well?


Anyways, please FIX THESE ISSUES NOW and stop giving me the incentive to disparage Shopify to my customers during the extra wasted time it takes to navigate the POS/restart the app/etc.



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Same with the restart required for connecting the card machine. Mine's not that old either.  It's very annoying.  

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I've had issues on the card reader, but I believe thats my fault. It's only happened whe I forget to log off the previous day, thenI have issues connecting the next day and usually I have to delete the app and re-install again. Doesn't happen when I do log off so maybe thats it. Not saying you don't log off but thats just in my case.


The custom sale though... that I do have an issue with it. Before when I would do a custom sale it would land 1st on the amount I want to put and then if I wanted I would put the name. Now in my case I usually added only like 1-2 cents so I really don't need to punch in a custom name or whatever. Thats my issue with that, but yea it does take alot of space

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For the last week or so, every morning - without fail - it takes TWO app restarts to get the card reader to be found on the first cc transaction of the day.




ATTN Shopify: please fix this issue OR send me a new card reader immediately! Because I'm tired of shit-talking a platform that I once admired to my customers every day...