Multi Location Pickup/Local Delivery Issues

Multi Location Pickup/Local Delivery Issues

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I have two physical locations that stock completely different inventory. One is a floral focused shop that primarily sells floral arrangements and bouquets, etc. The other is a plant focused shop that sells pottery, giftware, etc. Our locations are on each side of the city but often customers prefer to pickup at one spot. Currently when they place an order, if they choose inventory from each shop, it will not offer local pickup or delivery as an option and automatically goes right to standard post shipping. 


Is there a way I can make it so regardless of what location it's at it will still make it available for pickup or delivery and we can relay to whatever shop on the back end? This is the last puzzle piece in getting this site fully functional. 


Thanks in advance for any tips or advice.



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Hi @gnbrobs ,


Klaudia here from the Zapiet team! You might find our app Store Pickup + Delivery useful!


Our app can be configured to connect with Shopify's inventory or not be connected. In your case, it sounds like you would need them to not be connected. On our app, you will be able to create locations for pickup and delivery (up to 3 on the Essential plan).


The locations will appear on the cart page where customers will be able to choose where they would like to pick up from. Here is a screenshot from my test store:


Screenshot 2021-12-15 at 3.09.56 PM.png

Please note that our widget's text and color can be customized 🙂


For each location, you may select the product availability and set it to "all" or "specific products". In your case, since you allow pickup at both locations and only later want to adjust the inventory, you may set it to "all". 


After an order has been placed, you may then edit the order and change the location you'd like to fulfill the order from.


If you'd like to explore and interact with our widget, please visit our Demo Store!


Our app also comes with a1 4-day free trial! I will recommend installing it and checking out our features! Please let me know if you have any questions. You may also reach us on live chat and by email (

Hope this helps.




Klaudia from Zapiet

Klaudia from Zapiet

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Hi @gnbrobs,

Our ConnectPOS can surely meet your demands to solve this riddle!

1. Pickup:

- Save orders at location A and retrieve them at location B to fulfill

- Create orders pending/partially paid at location A, then complete payment and fulfill them at location B

2. Delivery:

- Deliver the order to buyers' desired address and calculate shipping costs 

- Open to integrate any 3rd party logistics service provider to support quick and flexible payment

3. Order fulfillment:

- Transfer stock between 2 locations to send products from the nearer place with buyers' address

- View different outlets' inventory and order status, so buyers can keep track of accurate inventory and ensure more accurate sales

- Create quotations easily

- If an order is created online, customers can go to whatever location they want to fulfill

- Create separate inventory that is not dependent on Shopify's limited inventory

Please don't hesitate to contact us and book a free consultation right now!

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