Multiple Bundle Discounts and Discount Progress Bars

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I'm looking for a way to allow customers to get a bundle discount when they buy multiple products, for example when a customer adds 3 pairs of socks to their basket they get £3 off and when they add 5 they get £8 off etc. 


So 1 pair of socks = £6

3 pairs of socks = £15

5 pairs of socks = £22


Ideally I would like it to be a monetary discount rather than a percentage and be able to have multiple bundle discounts, so do the same for hats, scarfs etc but have them all be separate amounts. 



I would also like to be able to add a progress bar which says something like:

Add 1 more pair of socks to make them £5 per pair and this changes based on the quantity which have already been added to cart. 


Ideally this would work for multiple items, so there would be a progress bar on the product section page of each type of item which do not interfere with one another. 


Hopefully this is possible 😂 Thank you for your help!

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