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My Supplement Store Needs a POS

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I am in the unique position that I want desperately to use Shopify's POS for my physical retail location, but since we sell "pseudo pharmaceuticals",  health supplements for weight lifting, bodybuilding, fitness, protein powders, pre-workouts, etc.  we are blocked from using shopify payments. That means that we have no way to connect a payment method to the POS app without having to do the whole manual type in the amount into the CC terminal by hand thru PINWHEEL. This is unacceptable as a solution for many reasons that I won't get into beyond saying it looks unprofessional, is much slower, and creates another place where mistakes can occur during the checkout process.

Is anyone else come across this problem ? What was your solution?

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We've been manually entering our amounts into the Chase debit terminal for years. Prior to switching we had an amazing, REAL retail pos system (smartvendor) but the cost to push that number from the pos to the debit terminal was $600 annually. We never made even close to $600 a year in errors, so to save money we have always entered it manually. Since we do that, we can set up custom payment types on the Shopify pos and continue to use the great rates we get with Chase and manually enter the data. I recommend you seriously review the Shopify POS and what functionality you want in a system before you spend the time and money to convert to it though. If SmartVendor was not so outrageously expensive to connect online we would still be (happily) using them.