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I run a cheese shop online and in store and I really need help coming up with a solution for my physical shop. On our website we sell cheeses in set units e.g. 1 slice, 2 slice. In store we sell cheeses in fresh wheels that we cut at custom amounts for customers, however we are unable to use our shopify POS for this as we are unable to enter custom amounts when entering the quantity of cheese purchased. For example, we price our cheeses per 100g, but if a customer bought 120g we would put 1.2 as the quantity. The Shopify POS app only allows me to type in whole numbers e.g. 1, 2, 3 which does not suit the format of selling items by weight.
Is it possible for me to add a function to my shopify app that would allow custom quantities to be entered? I really want to get all of my products and sales onto Shopify but this is proving to be a massive barrier for my business in terms of our sales being split across Shopify and another payment system, and also is a huge barrier in maintaining our stock inventory all in one system. We want to move everything onto Shopify ASAP so would really appreciate any help with this!
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Hi Rachel, did you find a solution for this? We are a fabric store and want to sell in whole units online but want to sell in partial units with our POS.