need multiple barcodes on a single variant , different online and pos pricing

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hi there we are considering shopify pos and needing these features can someone help 


there is a very very very critical functionality missing from your shopify pos period , :


multiple barcodes for one variant - so we sell on amazon and we sell on our website and now in our brick and mortar. so the issue is on our products we print ( FNSKU- amazon fullfillment sku - unique for amazon fba network) . so now i cant enter that on shopify barcode field coz it is not a upc  and not accepted by google merchant center , gmc will start throwing erros ,  so in this case we have to put numerical upc in shopify which is not printed on our products . , secondly barcodes change all the times on a similar products (model or specs might have changed ) so this is very critical to any retail environment . secondal no serial no functionality , 


also option to have different pricing for different retail stores and online , this is a must 


thirdly option to put internal sku and vendors sku 


so these multiple requests have been filling the online community since years and nothing is being done about these or a workable workaround , you can not create multiple products for this since its a not a feasible solution if you have 50,000 products . 


can someone help ?

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Did you ever find a solution for multiple barcodes for the same variant?  (we get the same product from different warehouses and each has a slightly different barcode but it's the same product so we are in a similar boat)