Need tips on increasing sales for my new online boutique?

1 0 0 Hi I’m Maddie so I created this site about 5 days ago, I have 97 clicks on google ads & 1.48k impressions , but no sales … sadly I need help I’m not sure how to really work a lot of this, just been watching alot of YouTube and researching . Any hand outs ? 
Also , I tried google analytics but no products are being accepted and I have 109 products on my site, if any of you guys could take a look at my site and give me tips of what I could add or take off would be so helpful and possibly someone I could hire for management or something to do all this for me .  

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Hello @Maddiesboutique 

You have a great store out there and it has been a week since you started. I would suggest giving it some time to get some sales, also I think it is a bit confusing to find products on your site since the homepage and collection page don't have any information on products, prices or other details.

I would also suggest displaying products on your homepage as ‘Trending products’ or ‘Recommended for you

Apps like Argoid can help you out with this