Need to modify the way "Add Custom Sale" works in the POS Checkout

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Our Grand Opening is this Thursday and I need help...
I am trying to setup an easy way to checkout customers who will be purchasing items (only from the Brick & Mortar Shop) until we have our inventory fully setup in Shopify and barcoded.  We have over 20,000 products and I have had a difficult time getting information from our vendors in a CSV file -- so I have to find a work around.
I understand the "Add Custom Sale" option in the POS.
Unfortunately, having to enter the Product TITLE (Name) prior to being able to enter a custom PRICE is something that will be extremely cumbersome.   We do not want customers to wait for us to enter "Accessories", "Charts", "Fabric", "Fibers", etc... for every item that they purchase.
We have six primary categories that everything we are selling will fall into until we get the inventory finalized.  We would like to enter an item code (i.e., "1") in the TITLE field and have a product category (i.e., "Accessory") print on the Receipt.
The item code (TITLE) that we want to enter is:                    The NAME we want printed on the Receipt is:
 "1"                                                                                          for                      "Accessory"
"2"                                                                                          for                        "Chart"
"3"                                                                                          for                        "Fabric"
"4"                                                                                          for                        "Fiber"
"5"                                                                                          for                        "Frame"
"6"                                                                                          for                         "Kit"
We want the NAME of the Product Category to print on the Receipt.   The default is for the TITLE to print on the receipt.  Looking for any help in customizing the way the "Add Custom Product" works within the POS.
Our Grand Opening is this Thursday and I really need to find a way to make this work.  
Thank you,
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