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Hello, I am dude. I have been using Shopify for a little over two years now. I sell glass such as pipes, water pipes, and other smoking accessories.


I want to grow my business into a brick-and-mortar eventually with using the website as my platform. I'm looking for somebody that has been doing this for a while that is willing to share some advice.


I am always willing to hear constructive criticism.

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@TheGlassDude hey dude! 

What exact information you wish to get?

How to grow Shopify?
How to use Shopify as base for brick & mortar?
Or any other?

Aivis Zvezdovs / ANTI 404

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Shopify is a great platform and will make you a ton of profit, if executed correctly.
Push it to make your store as perfect as you can, or hire a professional to take your store to next level.
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Hello, I am a manufacturer of Chinese glass bong, glass water pipe and glass pipe. I just opened a shop in SHOPIFY, hope we can communicate