New POS issues

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Socket Barcode scanner (s700) seems to loose focus and not scan into the cart, particularly after adding a discount via the More Actions Buttons. Clicking on the More Actions button and then Back button seems to restore scanner focus to the cart.


Receipt Customization seems to be buggy: 1) There is too much space at the top of the receipt and the 2) Show address and Show phone number toggles are buggy when trying to customize sales and or gift (sometimes they show up right other times not. 3)Text Header doesn't always update when saved or cleared? Perhaps a caching issue between POS and admin.? 4)No way to remove store name if you are using a graphic logo. 

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Yeah, I've spent too much time with support to fix the shopify receipt issues.   It's; breaking down tax by city, county, state and then missing city and state and zip code in address on the top.   Unnecessarily printing ccard processing information at the bottom.    It would be extremely helpful if they can someone provide the receipt full template code to customize similar to pos email receipt.     This is just driving us crazy.