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Like many small retailers we have always issued store credits rather than cash refunds as part of our return policy. To provide a little history it took many months to convince Shopify support that store credits are and always will be an important part of helping to keep our customers invested in our retail stores. Through many days of frustration, trial and error finally store credits were implemented, could be issued and became a method of payment like any other. Fast forward to today and lo and behold “store credits” are missing from the new POS altogether. When we upgraded to the new POS we were pleased that the new system handled a return and exchange on the same screen all in one transaction and after a lengthy conversation with Shopify support discovered that by simply toggling the balance to gift card button a convenient gift card would print at the bottom of receipt acting as a store credit. Great! Until days later when we tried to duplicate what we have in our hand. Instead a screen pops up to scan a physical gift card. It is likely something very simple that we are missing. Regretfully Phone, chat and email support abruptly shut down on July 1. Does anyone know how to contact Shopify support?

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Go to POS>Payment Settings>Gift Cards>Accept Physical Gift Cards (enter or scan your own gift card numbers) > Turn this off.

That should fix your problem.

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you still can't do a store credit and the gift cards are so expensive, we don't like giving them out to everyone who needs a store credit.

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There's an option to create your own gift card code manually that will allow you to use something like CUSTOMERNAME_$ofInitialCredit or Emailaddress_$credit. Then print the QR code Gift Certificate receipt. Make sure a customer's email address is attached to the order so that if they lose the receipt, you can email them their code for use online or inshore. This way you can save your plastic gift cards for actual gifts.

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We suffer from this complete failure on shopify's thought process. Gift cards cost $2.00. You have to ask yourself at what point does it make sense to give cash back vs a giftcard?

This should be the retailers choice. But a perfect example of how Shopify migrated the web platform to POS without a lot of thought.

Shopify seems to have no concern to fix these basic business functions. That's why I'm shopping for another POS platform.

As a merchant that talks to other merchants locally, I am very vocal to all and continue to tell them to stay away from shopify POS because of these reasons.

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If they were issued a shopify "gift card" then you just need to enter the gift card code that is  printed on the receipt. When  it asks you to scan the gift card, there should be a spot in the upper right hand corner that says Manually enter gift code. That is where you can write in the code.