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has anyone discussed and gotten clarity around why shopify took their POS and upgraded the look and some functionality, but took a lot of the basic functionality that was previously included in your shopify plan (like tracking cash sales, taxes by location, employee logins, etc) and now is charging $89/location for it?  when all of this and more is free with square??

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This is really quite disappointing. We have been looking forward to this update for a long time hoping that it would improve and add functionality that is much required ... and now, from what I understand, they first and foremost move basic functions we already have behind a paywall. I really hope that this is not the end of it. We emailed the retail support team to get some clarity this morning.
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We tried the new POS today for a Saturday morning. By close we have reverted back to the "classic" version. At the end of the day closure, the summary it prints out doesn't total the days takings, only totals the cash taken. Subtotalled the EFTPOS transactions but didn't include this in the total takings?? On one transaction it just simply wouldn't scan the barcode, we had to find the product manually, then it worked as it should after that. Shopify POS is a trade off between a few more features we would like to have, price and good connectivity between web-store, & inventory, but the new version within 3 hours of trade we were disappointed with. I have emailed support asking if the classic version is going to have functions removed that it currently has and have not had a reply as yet. By looking at the comparisons Shopify emailed about the new version, the classic POS must be going to have some functionally removed??!! $89US/month for a POS we don't like is going to be a bit tough, especially if the version we already use changes. Is the new "look" supposed to cover that nothing much has changed? A POS with an instore pick up option?? It's easy to set in store pick up on your web store, don't need a new POS for that.

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Given the current state of affairs (closed as a non-essential business for 2+ months and counting), this is a significant burden to sellers. We have a single small retail storefront and occasionally sell off-site at events. Another $1000 a year so we don't LOSE features we were already getting, and we "gain" the ability for customers to order online and pick up in-store? This is not a good look at all, Shopify. I have been open 6 months and now I'll be spending time doing the math to see if I should switch everything I have over to Square and invest in new hardware. What is the value proposition here? Explain it, please, Shopify.

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I'm quite disappointed in the new POS as will. Especially with the chip and tap reader being the main way to take payments through the terminal. I used it for one day and reverted back to the classic for the following reasons.

- Tap and chip won't work for our store at all. Most transactions are over $100 and with the card reader, payments over $100 are not accepted

- Barcode scanner wouldn't work to scan even though it was connected

- Tap and chip reader connection is extremely unstable to the point where POS says it can't process transactions with it

- I hate the dark mode


While I do like the ability to add tiles to the homepage and the store pick up feature, all of the other cons don't make up for these features. As a result, I'm sticking with the Classic version.


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You might have a bad tap chip reader. Ours connects well and stays connected... as long as it's plugged in. It times out after an hour of no use. 


We are a furniture store, and do all transactions over $100.  We our average transaction size is $3000.  So there must be something else going on with your tap dip chip reader. 

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I do like that when you start typing in an address for shipping, it auto completes addresses. It helps keep things accurate.

hat's a very nice feature.T  

If they can fix some of the other bugs, it might be worth it. 

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We are having the same problem keeping the hardware connected.  We have been using since June and there are lots of very simple/common POS commands that are not in this version of Shopify POS.  Example:  We are clothing store...we are having a 50% off sale...we created a "collection" of the sale items in our admin...created an automatic discount for this collection at 50% off...  It only works for online sales, not POS sales. So now we have to go in everytime we sell something in-store and add discount as we enter the item. Very time consuming.  Talked to support and they said it was under investigation.  Have found there are lots of very simple functions that are not included. VERY Frustrating!!