New Shopify POS unusable with New Zealand addresses

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Hi There,

We're trying to switch to the new POS app ahead of the cutoff but keep having issues which make it impossible to switch.


1. New Zealand doesn't have States

New Zealand doesn't have states and although it has regions, a region is never needed for postage. All that's required is a City and a Postcode (in addition to the street). You can see this in action by searching for NZ addresses using the NZ Post postcode finder - there are no states or regions:


2. Suburbs being interpreted as Cities

Consider the following address...
2 Richard Street
Auckland 1022
New Zealand

Westmere is a suburb of Auckland city. Also, many towns in New Zealand don't have suburbs. However, when we search for the address, Shopify POS adds Westmere to the City field.


3. Are Cities being interpreted as Regions?

Not sure if this is a problem when a Region has the same name as a City but with the example address above, Auckland (the city) gets interpreted as a Region. Yes, Auckland is also a Region but when Westmere (the Suburb) is interpreted as the City, the address is unusable.


4. Corrected addresses can't be saved

When we try to correct the above issues, the address can no longer be saved. Only the cancel option is available.


Sorry to state the obvious but the above issues make the new Shopify POS completely unusable for New Zealand.


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