New Version is Very Slow - possible to downgrade?

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With the new POS app dated 6/23/17, our clerks have reported that it is much slower than before.  There is significant lag time with about every action.  You can often even see the delay when just entering the PIN to login to the app.  The "Ultimate Special Offers" app that we use has also been rendered pretty much useless since it takes about 10 times longer to process than before (we have a message into Supple Apps about that). 

Is there any way to downgrade the app?

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What type of Ipad do you have? I have the same problem, the previous version was kind of slow and this new one is even more slow. Each action takes a long time and I have resorted to giving my customers receipts from my cash register instead of the POS because of how slow it is. I use the IPad 2. I wonder if a newer Ipad would make it work faster, maybe?