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Hello I have a site called
It’s a golf apparel site that sells golf attire that can be worn on and off the green. I made this site back in 2018 and still haven’t gotten a sale that isn’t somebody I know.

Nobody is even visiting my store,
Any suggestions or tips please
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What have you done to drive traffic to the site? It'll take some active work. 


Ask the friends and family for feedback. If they aren't willing to tell a friend, there may be a problem. 


Keep in mind all the changes happening in the world and consider how your business can help address new problems that have arisen for your customers. 

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Have you tried to create social proof? Your store may need to be more trustful to attract customers. Try some review apps, like Ali Reviews ( can be be helpful. It helps import and pop up reviews to your products, so your store can be more attractive and trustful to customers to order. Wish you best! 


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I very like your store visual, it's so modern, professional, and simple. Its visual is appropriate for store about clothing. But your store is lacking of reviews to build trust and social proof. Try to add reviews by apps/plugins like AliReviews to import review. Shopify allows u to do this thing without restrictions, it also help you create pop-up purchases with pre-set data which can show false "pop-up" notification that someone purchased from your store. You can also buy-out Instagram Followers, and design theme for matching with your concept.

Your store is only lack of some reviews to be better, try to not put much elements into your store, which decrease your professional visual.  

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Dear RayB0123,


Hope following suggestion will help you.


1. Optimize your store speed

2. Do google shopping and facebook ads

3. Work on your store UX

4. Add blog section in your store and update it weekly

5. Add some social proof

6. Do some on page and offpage seo, content marketing and email marketing


If you need any help on your store please contact us.

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