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On POS: Show all prices incl. VAT/tax, when all product prices are added in database without taxes.

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I’m looking for the option to show prices incl. VAT on the POS - for every item, all the time.

This is possible only IF all prices are adding in the system including VAT, AND the tick-box under Settings > Taxes > Show all prices with tax included** is ticked. HOWEVER, this does not allow for selling online without VAT (to business and consumers to whom I can export and not charge VAT, outside of EU sales in my case.

So, to enable sales online without charging VAT (for B2B customers etc), I have to have the prices in the system without VAT and the tick-box mentioned above un-ticked - which is fine. However, this means that all prices on the POS - as it draws from the same database of products and prices, now show all prices excluding VAT. This makes no sense to any EU country customer in a physical store, as prices are always communicated incl. VAT for that specific country - which the physical store is located in.

This creates a hassle for the staff when dealing with customers in the physical shop seeing as all european countries quote the prices for the end-user including VAT, so they then have to either calculate og add to basket or some other work-around to get the total cost of any product, ie incl VAT which is far from ideal when engaged in a personal sale with a customer and having to continuously recalculate all prices before letting the customer know.

In other words, the problem is that it is not possible to both accommodate the option to 1) display and sell products online with or without VAT depending on where the customer resides or has a VAT number AND 2) at the same time have the person manning the physical shop see prices incl VAT. This does not make sense, and one should not have to exclude the other. It’s the same database, it’s just a matter of how it’s shown on the POS.

Ideally, and this goes for all shops in Europe as opposed to the US, the price on the POS would include VAT when looking them up as this is the norm for teller and customer - no country in the EU uses ex VAT prices on goods in physical stores. A toggle on the POS would be a simple fix, simply just allowing all product prices to be displayed incl VAT.

I’ve brought this up with Shopify support already, but they simply suggested to choose either the tick-box on or off stating that “including VAT in all of your products may be the best practice for your specific business” and that “you may want to raise your prices slightly, to ensure that you are hitting a good profit margin for your products, after the VAT is deducted.” which is a baffling suggestion not really resounding with me in a world where you don’t get to just up the prices and still sell same amount of goods - so I was a bit stunned and annoyed at that quite shortsighted suggestion to the problem. So, in short, support said that depending on what was most important to me (being able to sell online without VAT when possible, or to have staff have prices displayed correctly without having to add to basket etc to have taxes shown) -  I should just choose either or…no work-around.

What I’m hoping to have happen now, is that Shopify adds this feature to the POS app - ie a feature that allows all prices to be shown incl VAT all the time.

Does anyone have a workaround?

Does anyone have the same problem?

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I have the same problem. I've just spent 2 hours in the chat window with them, and they were unable to help.

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Same issue and it’s driving me insane.