One inventory for multiple locations

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A very time consuming one. It would be much more beneficial to be able to toggle a button and tell it to take it out of the same inventory as X. That way we aren't worrying about what of each we have to take each day to the shows because we sold so much of x. We will be able to tell what we sold by the location pull up. The separate inventory in not needed.

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@Roshan_Richards wrote:
A very time consuming one. It would be much more beneficial to be able to toggle a button and tell it to take it out of the same inventory as X. 

That's automation solved by the many many inventory sync apps available, using a tool like autoit, facilitated by third party services like integromat,zapier,etc, or using the api to make a custom solution for that exact process.

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Hi Helen, I have the same exact issue!

I own an online store and I will be selling at local markets/pop ups starting next week. 

My main address is in one county but the markets I will be attending are in a different county so the tax collected at those temporary locations won’t be accurate unless I change my website address every time I set up at those locations. 

I tried setting up two locations in my website but like you I don’t want two separate inventories. It would take me forever to manually transfer each product I’m taking with me and also items that I have with me may show out of stock on my website when in reality I have them in my pop up location!

This is so ridiculous. It would be so much easier if we could have one master inventory tied to multiple locations. 

So it looks like I will have to do the same thing you do and delete my main address and change it to my market location every time I do a pop up so the tax gets calculated accurately...

Please let me know if you have found some other work around! 

Thank you so much for your feedback

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Sadly, I have not found a better solution. I still just change my shop location for the duration of the show so the taxes are calculated correctly. What's most frustrating about this is that when I first opened my Shopify store, this functionality existed--you could set your POS to be a different location for tax purposes, but continue to pull from the same inventory as your online store. I hate that they removed this option, and don't seem to have any concern for bringing it back, despite repeated requests.

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Hi Helen,

Thank you so much for your response. It’s terrible that this functionality used to exist and that they simply got rid of it.
What a mistake…I guess they do that to get us to invest in the POS pro version or some other apps.
I will have to change the address as well then each time I set up a pop up at a local market.

Thank you again.

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