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Online ordering to automatic BT printing

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Hey all, 

I own a ghost kitchen and we only offer online ordering, however I need the functionality of a POS system with automatic printing from a paired BT printer. I spoke with support and they currently do not offer automatic printing from their BT printer/POS system if an order is placed online. I am looking for some sort of work around so I don't need to jump from my kitchen to my desktop printer just to print each order out. Right now with this being 2 weeks old, the amount of orders coming in is not a huge issue but once we ramp up, this will become a serious problem. 

Currently, we take in orders from the dashboard, send to OrderlyPrint, create a Packing Slip, and print from our computers. Highly inefficient but we haven't found a better method. It also prints out a whole sheet of paper with a bunch of information the customer really doesn't benefit from. I would love any suggestions on improving this process as well if you can think of any. 



 - Sean S-E

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