Online store and temporary festival sales

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Hi all

I have an issue that I have been having trouble finding an answer to. 

We sell online all year long, and ship from our office/warehouse.  We also sell at festivals that run 8-9 weekends long - we use the Shopify POS system for this. We sell at 6 of these a year.  When we setup the festivals, we take stock from our warehouse (leaving stock at the warehouse for online orders) and restock our booth every weekend.  The festival stock stays at the festival for the full run, and is not available for fulfilling online orders.  

Here is our issue.  We would like a way to setup our POS to only show what we have at the festival.  We sell a large variety of items and only take a small selection to the festivals, frequently things are rung up incorrectly at the festival which messes up our inventory, and we sometimes restock the wrong items. 

Another issue we have is this - we sometimes have stock of an item at a festival but not at the warehouse.  It appears to our online customers that we have stock of an item. but it's possible that all stock of that item has been taken to restock the festival.  Again - this causes issues with inventory, and customer satisfaction.  

Previously we have created duplicate items, and made them only available at a certain location and only on POS.  This worked fairly well but it's pretty time consuming.  I feel like there much be a better solution to this!

If you got this far, thanks for reading along and I hope I made sense!

Thanks in advance for any help

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