Original price is not showing on customer invoice

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I am newish to Shopify, need an urgent help with the Compare_at Function, I have both POS and Online. 

I know how to set it up, also at the variant level, but can't find how to:

1. In the POS checkout, I can only see the discounted final price, no acknowledgement that price is discounted.

2. Can the POS Customer invoice reflect the original and discounted price?

3. In the POS invoice, to show the total savings

4. In the Retail barcodes App, to show original and discounted price


Customers love discounts, and if we are not showing the original price, they feel like there was no "deal" that they took advantage of. 


Please help. Thanks. LiLi-5

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Have you found any solution for this? Looking to apply the same functionalities as well.