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I'm curious whether anyone has been able to get a "non-approved" barcode scanner to work with Shopify POS for iPad. With all due respect, I don't need a response from a Shopify Community helper reminding me that the only barcode scanners supported are the ones Socket makes; I am aware of that, but they are grossly overpriced based on the bad reviews and I'm not going to waste money on one. And yes, I realize if I get another one to work Shopify won't support it.

I figure someone out there has found a way to get another barcode scanner to work, whether it's by changing settings or creating an add-on. The mPOP terminals do not appear to use Socket and they work, right? I have scanners already—both wired and Bluetooth—and I really don't want to spend money on another one, particularly if it's inferior to the ones I have.

Thanks to anyone who can offer advice on this!


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In my search, I was told by one bardcode scanner manufacturer that the problem isn't that other readers can't work with Shopify. Apparently they can work. But Shopify POS locks out all hardware other than the Socket scanners.

I absolutely hate dislike Lightspeed, but at least we were able to use non-preferred hardware if we found better options.



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Hi @Dascalargo 

We agree that this is very frustrating. 

It isn't quite a full POS solution but you might find that our App EasyScan would be useful for your needs.

It is great for creating orders, fulfilling orders, updating inventory, and checking your inventory all using a standard barcode scanner! It works on both Desktop and Mobile.

Please let me know if you would like any more information or contact us here

We have a 10 day free trial as well!



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Thanks @Charlie506, but I really need to get POS up and running. But now I'm second-guessing whether I want to use Shopify at all. All of my experience is with the web store, which I love, and this is the first time I've set-up a new store using POS. The fact that they have so few options for scanners and receipt printers (and, to a lesser extent, cash drawers) is so frustrating.


I've worked with systems that support only particular hardware, but never one that makes it impossible to even test the functionality of an alternative. When the scanner on a Lightspeed system I maintain died and they wanted an inexpensive replacement, I got them an off-brand 1D scanner and it worked fine. If it hadn't, I wouldn't have gone crying to Lightspeed because I decided to use a cheap alternative. But it did, because, in many cases, a scanner is a scanner is a scanner. Ditto a receipt printer. I've swapped out Star Micronics printers for cheaper 80mm thermal printers and had them work just fine.


If there was a technical reason only the Socket Mobile scanners could work, if it was proprietary hardware, that would be totally different. But I don't believe that's the case here. 


I can't believe I'm reconsidering what system we're going to use based on a single piece of hardware, but I've seen far too many complaints about this thing, I don't like it ergonomically, and it's too pricey (even before you consider buying the base), but—more importantly—it's clearly a sweetheart deal that benefits only Socket. I mean, who'd they have to, um, kiss to get this contract?

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If it's not too late, don't switch to Shopify.  I switched in October and have regretted every minute of it.

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What problems are you having with Shopify?