Payouts after taxes/fees/promos - is there a way in Shopify?

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My client and I are trying to figure out something that may not even exist in her Shopify features but thought we'd reach out here to see if that is in fact true. 

She has a business where women who are artists sell silk scarves with their artwork printed on them.

When a sale is made the woman (or women depending on how many sales were made) needs to be paid for their portion of the sale.

Here's our question.... instead of us having to manually go through every single sale and subtract discounts/shipping charges/taxes etc... to get their final payout amount... is there a feature in Shopify that would automatically do this for us? Doing this by hand has proven to be extremely time consuming, but we realize this is a tall order.

Thank you in advance!

(Also, new to Shopify Community and hope this the correct group to post in?)

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I would LOVE for this to be a thing.

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Hey there,

In Staffy ( you can apply commission calculations based on specific products automatically and then export it whenever you like. You can also pay your artists straight through your PayPal account.

With that being said, we do not provide tax calculations for that, but I'm sure the base calculations would help you saving time.


Feel free to reach out through the live chat in the app and let our team know that you referred from this post - we'll be more than happy to guide you on everything you need in order to make the process as comfortable as possible for you.




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