Plus and minus with new POS so far

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We have moved to the new POS. Overall I am not sure that I actually like it.  I find some of the navigation clumsy and not as intuitive as the previous version. But is is all a matter of adapting to the change, providing feedback so fixes can hopefully be made to ensure that the POS application is a good choice.  I have also found some of the changes to be beneficial. My take and comments on the new version to dfte. 

Layaways: We have been using the layaway functionality in the classic POS app and with the move to the new POS upgrade, we  now have no way of making future part payments on the layaway. We can only pay the order off in full. This is a step back in functionality.  I am hoping this is an oversight and that it is going to be rectified. 

Customer Information on the receipt: In the settings area, we have selected for the customer name and contact details to print on the receipt.  Unfortunately this is not happening.  Will this be rectified or have I missed doing something. 

Out of stock notification: When processing a sale in store on the classic POS we would receive a notification against the product to indicate if it was out of stock. This was invaluable for ensuring we did not sell stock we did not have and being able to advise customers of the stock level quickly when scanning the product. This functionality is not currently available. Would love to have it back.

Gift Cards: When we issue a gift card from the point of sale or admin area of shopify it would be good to have the option of turning off email notification of the giftcard. I am sure that at some point in time this was available.  We utilise the gift card to record a down payment or full payment of an item that is to be ordered in. In these instances we do not need the customer to receive the gift card. The gift card is being used purely as an administrative mechanism. It allows us to track and reconcile the payments received.   The customer becomes confused if they receive the notification that they have a gift card.   Hoping this functionality can be provided. If not I will have to put in place an alternative and administratively onerous work around.  

Home screen customisation.  I like the ability to customise the buttons on the front page. 

Closing at the end of day. When closing the register, the process seems to have too many steps that are repetitive and the remove cash and add cash buttons on the first screen page are very misleading. As they seem to me to be for till adjustments , rather than actuallty removing the cash from the till.   You do not actually have to remove the cash until about the second or third screen in. The end of day / closing out could all be tidied/streamlined to make it better.   

Annual subscription: Found this option and have taken it. At least it is paid and a discount received. 

As we use the new app, I am sure we will identify other issues and also pluses.  




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My main issue with the upgraded POS is that products are displayed in a up-down scrolling list with a very tiny thumbnail image.

We have a lot of products that are similar in image and/or title, so the new scrolling product screen is quite a detriment to a speedy checkout compared to the current product screen that displays products larger in a left-right scrolling manner. 

is there a way to customize the way products are displayed on screen when ringing out a customer?