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Hi there, we have a shopify site that's currently using VEND as its point of sale but considering moving to Shopify POS as hear they are rapidly improving it's functionality and capabilities. Is this a good move if we have 2500 products with two physical stores? And if so what's the best approach for developers to complete this migration by avoiding any potential flaws along the way? Thanks 

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Thank you for sharing your experience!  I'm curious about barcode migration, my client has multiple barcode printed and generated from his other POS that I would have to migrate. Was this something you've been able to do with spreadsheet or do we have to re-generate barcode to make them compatible with shopify bardcode scanner app? I'm not sure how this works.


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Don't see why that should be a problem, just copy/import the barcodes for the other POS system into the barcode field in the Shopify Product import file (just remember not to use Excel as it loves to mess with barcodes by turning them in to scientific notation)


As long as the barcodes meet the right standards (GS1 or whatever) then should be fine.


Worth a quick test though. You could add the Shopify POS channel to your development store and you could then connect to that store via the Shopify POS app and use the barcode scanner built into the app to test.

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I'm also on the same boat. I'm about to start using Shopify for eCommerce and I'm currently using Vend for my store.

My main concern is with Loyalty and Receiving purchase orders. These work relatively well in Vend. The POS screen also is very reliable and extremely easy to use. I'm trying to see if migrating is worth the effort. 

Why didn't shopify just purchase vend. Would have made it easy for everyone.

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We used vend in our 6 stores for several years and used woo commerce online but 4 weeks ago we migrated to Shopify e-commerce and POS in order to have an integrated omni-channel pos and web system versus two different integrated systems of pos and web. We have now used shopify for the busy Christmas December period... and the following is my personal review based on the experience

  1. Huge issue with the Shopify inventory App called stocky - it is a very poor substitute for Vend inventory control, transfers, receiving, ordering and stock counting, Definitely not suitable for a busy or growing multi store retail environment with a lot of incoming and outgoing stock transfers, purchase orders and receiving. 
  2. We've experienced continual bugs in the Shopify pos payments - We have been told it is a geographical issue for our country (Ireland) so we need to live with the issue until a fix is developed
  3. Poor Shopify support knowledge versus Vend support knowledge - if you can get through to them. For the Shopify online chat support you should plan to free you day as it takes ages to get on and speak to anyone
  4. If internet connection fails at any point then Shopify POS is redundant and so are the integrated Shopify credit card payments system - You are closed for that period !! In Vend you can continue to sell offline and with an external (sim) credit card machine you can accept payments offline too and spent the cash drawer for cash payments. 
  5. The biggest issue for any multi store retailer and our final breaking point for the Shopify POS - Only an admin user with full company admin access can log in to open the POS screen at a checkout. This means that each remote store must have full company wide admin access for the entire administrative functions of group cash reporting, margins, costs and commissions etc for not only their store but each store in the group. I an all for sharing information with a team but to offer the entire group admin function of accounts, banking, inventory, supplier and customer data to every store user to enable them to log on a POS if it closes or re-boots after an update during a day is ridiculous. 

The list of small niggling issues we have with the Shopify pos is long, needless to say from our experience we will return to Vend POS. It is a superior POS and inventory software and offers a much better retail platform to grow out with in the future. If you are busy or plan on growing your physical retail business then Shopify POS is not the best POS system to invest time or money in growing your bricks and mortar business with.... It is obvious from our trial that Shopify is a very good and easy to use fool proof web platform to set up but for POS it is a poor retail and inventory software system.



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Thanks for your assessment. You've addressed quite a few of my concerns and convinced me to stick with Vend for POS for a while longer. Hopefully Shopify will catch up eventually, but in the meantime you've saved me the headache of switching & having to switch back.

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Hi there, wondered if you took the leap and went for the Shopify POS from Vend. Also an NZ business wanting to take the leap but wondered how you found the process and of Shopify POS is doing all you need it to do within the one program rather than additional apps. 

Any advice greatly appreciated!