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Point Of Sale Smart Grid

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Ah yes. The era of 'smart' things. I'm not so easily fooled however - I've been using Shopify long enough to know that anything that is marketed as 'smart' should in reality be marketed as 'dumb.' So from here on out, we'll call it the dumb grid.

The dumb grid (for those who aren't in the know) is a series of tiles next to the checkout screen that is on the Shopify POS (Piece Of ****) app for iOS devices. At the bottom of the grid is an 'add tile' button that gives promises of being able to customize the tiles to what you'd like. Want to add the 'save a cart' button? A shortcut to someone's gift registry? all? No luck because no matter what you select it only gives and error message and tells me the grid will be 'reset to a previous state.' Great. Does anyone else know what I'm doing wrong? Again, I realize it's very much Shopify to provide a service that doesn't work properly or is unfinished - but this takes the cake.

....great now my smart grid doesn't work AND I want cake. Nothing is fair in life.

Please help!?

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