POS 6 - lamentably bad for B&M POS - let me list the reasons why...

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In no particular order ...  and I reserve the right to add to this.


  • Doesn't remember the closing cash balance for the cash register from previous day's close.
    • Really?
  • When closing you have to enter how much you're "leaving" in the till rather than how much you're removing.  We remove most $100's/$50/$20's and leave the rest at close.  On 'classic' you would enter the amount removed.
    • It doesn't indicate what the closing amount is while you're in this process.  You better have written things down.
  • Byzantine close process.  It does have a "cash counting" tool.  But if you go back to fix an entry, it has completely erased all of the previous entries... sadly useless.
    • Process should be (IMO)
      • Start the close
      • Enter the amount of cash counted
        • Count tool optional - and please keep the counts until the session is fully closed.
      • Indicate the short/over position
      • Enter the amount of cash:
        • That the clerk is taking out OR
        • That the clerk is leaving in.
      • Done.
  • Presenting a tally to a client is horrible.  Small light  font on dark background looks like crap.
  • Register Summary doesn't show the total of all payment types and refunds.
  • Register Summary doesn't subtract refunds from daily total sales.
  • Would be nice if sales taxes would be broken out on the Register Summary.
  • Register Summary does not correctly show the cash left in the till.  Shows $0.
  • Would be nice if sales taxes were correctly calculated (tax the transaction total, not the line items and then total them up.  It used to be right about 2 years ago).
  • Phone number of the store is not shown on the receipt (yes, the option is on)
  • Additional header text is not formatted "friendly".  Any spaces or line breaks I use are ignored.
  • Drill down syndrome.  If I'm looking through transactions trying to find an incorrectly assigned payment type, I have to drill down into each transaction.  Time waster.  Tedious.
  • Screen space waste: Information about a transaction should be presented more densely (more stuff per page) so I can find what I'm looking for more quickly.
  • Re-printing a register summary is another drill down exercise.  And no obvious way "back" out.  (Hit the date at the top of the page where it should have a "back" button but doesn't).
  • If I search for an item and there are variants I have to drill down another layer to get to them.  More time waste.
  • To get my logo onto my receipts I had to first do artwork (convert my logo to 400 x 200 pixels and save as "B&W") then upload via the admin page (Mac/PC) to get it onto the POS.
    • Would be nice to simply use the logo already on my POS as an option.  I get that via admin is more efficient (for all devices), but at least Shopify should take colour JPG/PNG's of a minimum size and process them to the required 400x200/B&W.
  • There is a "Report" page.  If your report exceeds a certain number of lines, you end up typing behind the screen keyboard.  (Trick: hit return to fill the bottom until the line you're working on floats up into view).

I do like the tile options on the main page.  Set them up best for my store.  Kudos for that and little else.


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I'm laughing at your comments, but not because it's funny, it's just so ridiculous that there are all these things wrong with it and more!! Agree with everything, the close of day is confronting to even attempt! How is a black background with white writing so much better than what it was?? That's like the big marketing pitch, "fresh new look", it's a work tool, it's meant to work, looks are completely secondary. We are finding it as glitchy as crazy, took 3 days of no POS on the ipad, using our phones, had to restore the ipad to get it to work. Scanning a product is now a complex task!!

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I truly suspect that Shopify has too many programmers who have 0 retail experience.


The admin pages are another laugh.  Tons of wasted screen space, so you're forced to slide windows, etc.  Tiny boxes for variant descriptions.


eg:   The variant description window in Admin is about 12 char wide.  We have variant descriptions that are 30 - 50 char ...


And tell them ... will they listen?.... hah!  Fat chance.

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Glad to see I'm not alone in this. The new update is laughably awful, specifically the register closing process. It constantly won't "remember" that I removed cash the previous day and give tell me that drawer count is wildly off. Hopefully they fix it soon. I agree, need to go back to me entering how much cash I am removing and not how much I am leaving.

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i just posted a thread about the shift closing cash balance issue. So, it is not just me. Phew! We are happy with it otherwise.