POS and E-Commerce Currencies

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My Brick and Mortar is in Barbados. Thus, my store currency has been set to BBD as this is the currency 99% of my store customers pay in.


Since launching my online store this year, I have been unable to link PayPal due to my store currency being in BBD (Shopify Tech told me I would have to change the currency to USD). However, this week I decided to attempt to link PayPal again (just to humour myself) and was quite surprised when the link was successful. However, when testing the Checkout I got 2 errors which prevented the sale from succeeding.

  • when I click 'Express Checkout' at the top of the page - the PayPal Log In box pops up, attempts to load - then closes/fails
  • when I attempt to checkout normally (after entering my Billing/Shipping address), select PayPal and click Complete Order - I receive an error message "Receiving country does not support the transaction currency."

I contacted PayPal who said for the first error they "confirmed that (my) site could have some customization that's conflicting with our button." I relayed this Shopify support and they. said they would pass on the notice.

And for the second issue PayPal said I needed to "add BBD currency to my Paypal Account." I am still in discussion with their tech support on the way to do this because while PayPal IS available in Barbados - and can send and receive payments - Barbados is not one of their "supporting countries". I am making this judgement from this information here.


I really wish there was a simple button-click solution for this issue, but there seems to not be any plausible work around rather than to change my store currency to USD (which I did earlier this evening and began to change alllll my store product currencies to USD, but then abandoned the idea reverted to BBD when I weighed the headache this would have been for my staff, accountant and myself).


I've tried other payment gateways - the only other solution is 2Checkout (whose interface is very archaic and unprofessional and would fails to maintain customers' trust. We've worked too hard on our website to allow 2Checkout to ruin that with their poor GUI. Other than that the other options are for Bitcoin transfers only.



My ideal solution would be for Shopify to allow stores to use different gateways on their POS and e-commerce. That way my website could remain in USD and POS in BBD.

We input all of our inventory data, export all accounting analytics and reports for our financials in Barbados dollars (again, the company is Barbados-based), therefore having BBD is imperative. Converting everything to USD creates the hassle/inconvenience of calculating costs back to BBD when:

  • inputting products
  • printing price labels for in-store products
  • analysing financial reports
  • performing quick accounting tasks
  • tracking daily, weekly or monthly via the Shopify mobile app
  • making in-person sales, giving change back, processing credit cards in-store

USD currency ONLY allows me to sell online efficiently. I do not need it for any other reason.......because (at the moment) our brick and mortar is in Barbados only. We are a RETAIL store that sells products online. Not the other way around. Therefore RETAIL is our priority first.


Any suggestions for a workaround are appreciated?

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