POS and sales tax

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not going to lie -- my admin stuff is a train wreck and I'm trying to streamline it.


I sell in 3 ways.  Onine via my Shopify store, local face to face, and I also sell directly to several local retail stores.


When I sell to the retail stores, I do not collect sales tax as it is business to business.  


I want to start using the Shopify POS for my local face to face sales, so here is my question -- can I also use it for my business to business sales? Am I even making sense?


I would need to charge the business a lower / wholesale price, and not charge them the sales tax.  Is this do-able with the Shopify POS?

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I don't think this is doable with shopify POS. But I can tell you how I solved a similar problem. if you are interested you can send me a DM