POS App Acting Like a P.o.S.

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Hi, all,

We have been experiencing major issues with the POS app, seemingly related to the big update that happened this summer.  We are using the latest update, version 6.16, are using iPad Pro 12.9 w/ the latest iOs version, and have a designated router for the internet for the front of the store, separate from the back, so we can safely rule out the hardware or internet being at issue.  We have also already tried deleting & re-downloading the app.  Here is a list of the problems:

1.  Search Bar not functioning.
When manually searching for an item, it will a.) not pull up any items at all or  b.) pull up other items but not the item being searched for.  Sometimes, when we try searching for the same item later, it will then actually work and pull up the item....  It's about 50/50 as to whether the search bar will work or not.  Interestingly, even though the search bar frequently won't pull up the product being searched for, it will pull up the orders that product had been sold in... So, that's weird.  
2.  Barcodes not showing up in POS. 
When we scan the barcode of the item, we sometimes get a message saying the barcode is not found, even though it is in the system (we have double-checked to confirm this on the back-end).  This is especially frustrating, because it means that we then have to try searching for the item manually, which I have already established is a total crap shoot in terms of whether it will work or not.
3.  Items in-stock showing up as being out-of-stock.
On the occasions when the POS app actually functions as intended and we can add things to a sale normally, items will randomly say they are not in-stock, even though on the back-end, it clearly shows that they are (and obviously, we physically have the item(s) in hand).  After processing the sale, however, it seems to adjust the inventory correctly on the back-end, which is good, but it is a complete mystery as to why in-stock items are showing up as out-of-stock in the POS app...
Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
With thanks,
~ Helen
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