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The 5.35.0 version of the POS app was released on 08.18. We installed it on two iPads using the retail kit on 08.23.


Soon after installing it we started seeing random customers being double charged for orders. When their card is inserted into the tap/chip reader an order goes through and their card is charged (no visible notification of this, we learned it later) and then when they sign at the signature screen a second order is created and a second charge made. You end up with two credit card charges and two orders for the same item or items.


Shopify is aware of the bug...now, though they don't have a fix and state that it is related to the iPad being flipped in the retail kit (you flip the position of the iPad as it moves from employee to customer).


They say this is a very rare bug though we see it with both iPads we have using the  5.35.0 version of software. Anyone else experiencing this behavior? You would have to be on this version of software and most likely using a retail kit as the motion associated with flipping the retail kit back and forth manifests the bug according to Shopify. It seems odd that this isn't seen more often given that our iPads are both very different but do have this new build of software installed.


Between this and the reader which falls asleep in the stand, we're really having second thoughts about the retail kit. When it works, it's very convenient...but right now we have two paper weights while we await their fix. They have provided a physical work-around that requires us to flip the iPad back and forth but we have decided against using this as its a bit unnatural to expect our employees to do this all the time and we don't want to risk double charging a customers which is a very bad experience. 

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We experienced this a few months ago though slightly different circumstances.

We run the integrated moneris terminal and would have the odd transaction "fail", so we would re-attempt, and had multiple customers call back saying they were double charged on their statement. Calling moneris confirmed the transaction went through twice (but only showed 1 order on POS)
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we are having the same issue! Its SO annoying.

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We received word yesterday that a new version of the POS was released. You should update to this. Shopify is terrible at being honest with customers about the size and scope of these issues. Stay on them.