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POS Approved Transaction but It’s Pending

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Today I had a POS transaction, it reported approved on the WisePad card reader but was stuck pending in the app and I couldn’t print a receipt. The customer showed me their banking app and the transaction was debited and they were irate so i had to give them the goods. The transaction is still pending so the transaction is ‘lost’ and it was for €100. 

has anyone encountered this issue? I’m new to using the POS and I hope this isn’t a regular bug.


is there anything I can do when this happens?

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We have had this happen a couple of times now which never happened with the old card reader.


Just lost 49 pounds today on a transaction as our employee thought the payment went through but the screen was stuck on processing. 


The customer left already with the goods as the customer thought the payment had gone through after the beep.


Very frustrating... Also, this new card reader is much slower at processing payments than the old one.