POS Australia - what EFTPOS are you using?

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Hello All, 


We are an online baby clothing store & been running a Shopify store successfully for the past few months. We are going to head along to a few local markets to help get our name out locally & wondering what you guys are using for EFTPOS payments with Shopify POS. I am considering either Paypal card reader, or getting a portable card reader form our bank. Has anyone got any feedback on the Paypal units? 


Its a pity the Shopify POS card reader isn't available in Australia yet. 




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We have our website and 2 shops now with Shopify Pos. Currently using Tyro to make the payments but Shopify POS only shows external payment, meaning we have to double up on entering the transactions. When we're busy there's no time to enter twice so there's always transactions missing on Shopify. When will integration with an EFTPOS terminal happen? You have it available in USA, UK and Canada. Why not AUS? Thanks

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Hi I am using Tyro as well and wondering if you found a way to sync it with your Shopify POS app? We have a busy store that's been closed all through Covid and we re-open next week and I cannot figure out how to link our Tyro Merchant terminal to the app - if we can't link them I am going to have to cancel using Shopify POS and I am freaking out!

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Did you work out how to use Tyro with Shopify POS?