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Hello All,


I have both an online store and POS, neither use Shopify-Payments. I am using Stripe and PayPal for processing sales.  I need a credit card reader for the POS system and it seems I can not use the Shopify hardware (card reader) as I am not using the the Shopify payment system (Shopify-Payments).  Is this correct?  I contacted strip about a credit card reader and it seems they only off CC Readers for their own POS system and I need payments to still go through Shopify to track them and handle inventory.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. 


Thank you for you all for your time.



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The ONLY way to use Shopify equipment is if you use Shopify Payments. Period. There is not a workaround or solution to this unconscionable issue. 

The equipment you use to process a payment will not integrate with Shopify POS and you are limited to receipt capabilities. Legally, you must provide a receipt from the actual processor, not just a receipt that states it was debit. So you in reality you have to provide the customer with two receipts. 

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I see your comment and I'm in the same boat. I have authorize.net online for my Shopify Store. However, I can't use the card reader. I see that you posted an answer for another user regarding this issue and you mentioned getting the lighting swipe card reader (Canada). Did you try and it works here in the USA? If so please let me know, also let me know where to get them. It's frustrating that Shopify doesn't allow to use of the lighting card reader in the USA but it does in CANADA. Please advise.

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I never truly found a solution as to why I cannot use Shopify’s equipment,
but I did find something that works me. I’ve kept Shopify/Authorize.net
for my online processor and use square in store. While it doesn’t work
fluently together, I’m able to process everything via Shopify in store and
if they’re using a card to pay I just switch over to Square and process the
payment and mark it paid on Shopify. It’s pretty seamless as far as a
transaction goes, so that’s a plus.

I hope this helps. (:
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And just like that, Shopify gives us small businesses the middle finger and says "Join Us or Starve"

Starting on January 31, 2022, your swipe card reader(s) will no longer be able to process transactions because we are ending support for third-party payment processing on Shopify hardware. Please know that you will still be able to process payments through Black Friday Cyber Monday and the holiday season.

Absolutely disgusting; greed is all it is.

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Any thoughts from anyone here? Does no one care? Shopify sure does not seem to.