POS email cart - changing landing page from account_login to account_register

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Hello Everyone, I'm looking for some help!


For the POS email cart option, I'm trying to change the current landing page it takes them to from "account login" to "account register" but seem to be stuck on the following line of code in the template:


          <td class="button__cell"><a href="{{ customer.account_activation_url }}" class="button__text">create account</a></td>


I know very little about code but I believe if I can get the back-end URL reference Shopify uses for account "registration" and use it in place of "customer.account_activation_url" above, I think it will work.


Why do I want to do this? 99% of my customers will be new and emailed thru the POS app and everyone I have sent the email cart to has been confused as to why they have to enter a password for an account they haven't created or login to an account they haven't yet created, its confusing to them and they don't create an account and we lose the sale. So, if I can switch the landing page for the POS email cart to account_register from account_login I think it will clear up the confusion. 



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