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Hi there,


I have a client that has been using Shopify with an integrated booking system (a Shopify Booking app). They also have a POS system setup for their instore purchases. They have outgrown their booking system and are considering a third party booking system (hosted on a separate website) to allow for advanced booking requirements.


I'm looking to remove all cart functionality and checkout for Online Products - but retain all the settings in the POS for instore product purchases. Ideally all of the products would still be available Online (like a catalogue of products) without the ability to purchase from the website. I would like to replace the add to cart button with a BOOK NOW button that redirects to a third party booking site. 


Any tips on how to implement the code and remove online purchases - without affecting the Shopify POS. 


Thanks 🙂

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Hey there,

You can always do that by modifying the theme and removing the add to cart button or redirecting it to anywhere you’d like by maintaining the POS functionality.