POS for multiple vendors that I don’t own

POS for multiple vendors that I don’t own

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I am currently with Square and am needing to find a program that will work with multiple retail vendors. Example I have a store and would like to bring in  a couple other vendors but I don’t own the product. Is there a way to set up different vendors but run it under my business? I need reporting and will need to be able to specify who sold what and be able to know what each vendor sold in detail.

Would we set it up by having different sections of sku numbers/letters? What will it do on the back end for sales, inventory in and out, sales tax and so on?

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Hi @Trendychic,

You can check out ConnectPOS. The app is designed for running multiple locations and equipped with a comprehensive report feature. ore than that, it guarantees real-time synchronization between online stores and the POS system, as well as multiple devices compatibility (PC, iOS and Android). You can enjoy a seamless omnichannel experience with us!

We also have a Multi Source Inventory app to support your management since it saves data of your suppliers and creates purchase orders when an item reaches a fixed threshold.

You can take a look at our ConnectPOS and Multi Source Inventory app at the Shopify App Store, or book a free demo with us here!

ConnectPOS - Shopify POS app for PC, Android, iOS, omnichannel retail, inventory control.

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How did you end up tracking this. I'm looking into doing this as well.