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Hello - I'm setting up my first POS store and gathering my hardware together. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any hardware alternatives to the shopify recommended receipt printer and barcode scanner? Both these options are listed as the 'only supported option' but I'm not sure if that's supported as in 'we'll help with questions and wash your hands if you use something else' or supported as in 'nothing else at all will work.'

It's just that there are much cheaper options out there. In particular the barcode scanner can be bought for nearly $200 cheaper, and all it is is a basic binary input device.

Curious if anyone had any stories, knows of other devices being used etc.


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Shopify Staff
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Hi Dilby,

I'm afraid the only supported hardware is listed here: http://docs.shopify.com/pos/about-pos/hardware/supported-hardware

The hardware we have selected is excellent quality and has been tested thoroughly.

You can buy the hardware from anywhere you like as long as the model number is the same.