POS in the cart you can't see the full name of product

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IMG_7741.PNGWe are having an issue with the entire product showing in the cart in the POS app. Does anyone have an easy work around for this? 

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POS tiles and spacing are terrible. There is no work around. They actually made the space in the check out where you can see what is in the cart smaller. It used to be a tiny bit larger. We routinely can't see what is in the cart and I now budget specifically for losses due to ringing in errors, because we often have many small products on one bill and it is super hard to read that tiny space to scroll through and then only see a portion of each item name. I feel your pain. You can open a ticket and ask them to lodge your complaint with merchant frustration and let it go into the nether, with the hopes that one day a dev takes pity on the users.