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POS mobile app - Omit sales tax on shipping and on the customer's receipt

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I would like to know how to omit the sales tax on shipping and on the customer's receipts using the mobile POS app.

I have been testing out the Shopify mobile POS app during my trial period. I plan to advertise my prices as including sales tax.

In my state, the item and the shipping cost are considered taxable. I want to include the tax in the shipping amount, as well as the product price. Round numbers are easier for the customer and myself to deal with at the time of sale. I intend to back-solve the amount of tax collected after the time of sale for state reporting purposes.


I have learned how to omit the sales tax in the customer cart by clicking on the tax amount and turning the state and local tax sliders off. That method does not seem to work with the taxes applied to shipping. Clicking the shipping tax does nothing.


In order to make it clear to the customer that the tax has been include in both the product price and the shipping price, I want to omit the line items for taxes from the customer receipts. Currently, the taxes are shown on the receipt, but are not included in the total amount due. So, at a glance, it looks as if taxes were charged separately. Indeed, the total amount does not add the taxes, as I would expect. But showing the taxes on the receipt may be confusing and cause unnecessary questions and loss of trust on the part of my customers.

Are there ways to achieve my desired results? Would a valid solution be to set my Shopify back-end to not collect any sales taxes?  If not, please consider the above items feature requests.

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As a follow-up to the above post, here is a screenshot of my current tax settings ...