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At present, Shopify POS has a limitation on the amount of exchanges allowable. It only allows one exchange on a transaction.



If a customer purchases a pair of shoes, comes and swaps them for another size, and then decides that they want another shoe altogether. This isn't an odd purchase pattern, and occurs for one particular client at least twice a week.


The first exchange occurs as per normal, generating a new receipt etc. If you try to exchange the second order, it will not give the option of exchange and will only allow a refund on the Shopify admin. As the first exchange runs on 'exchange credit' however, if you do a refund it will not match up with the actual refund type (cash / credit / etc.). To me this seems like the exchange method is flawed and inflexible for real life retailer scenarios.


Shopify Support recommended using draft orders. This doesn't really fix my issue on POS, nor does it make sense to do - we can't anticipate which clients will want to do multiple exchanges. My only conclusion is that my client should refund every exchange and resell as a new product (which from memory is basically what they expected a merchant to do prior to the exchange function existing?). Has anyone else encountered this, and found a good workaround - this is going to be a dealbreaker for my client, who is already unimpressed with Shopify as a POS solution.

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With the Shopify Tap Card Reader you cannot offer multiple refunds on a single transaction. There's nothing you can do to get them their money back if they've been issued a refund for some of the items on the initial transaction already.


I follow this thread pretty closely just due to the fact that I, like you, am frustrated with the amount of hoops you need to jump through to make a refund happen. Before I elaborate any further, I want to know more about your specific use case. Can you give an example of why you would need to offer multiple refunds on a single transaction? I have always been able to offer the full amount of the purchase back to the customer, but only after returning the funds (+items) to "exchange credit", then making my way back to the original "mothership" order number. (The original order number). 


Regarding why this hasn't been solved. I can only imagine that they are years down the path of stacking code on code on code, and to fix this issue might require and entire rework of their code base. I have no clue if that is true, but an often seen occurrence.

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Why I would need multiple refunds:

Customer buys 10 items. Customer returns 3 items the next day. The day after that they return 3 more items. It doesn't happen all the time but it happens. Some people can't make up their mind. 


The workaround you reference doesn't work with the Shopify tap reader which was the entire point of my post. 


Don't fool yourself: Shopify has the resources to make this happen. It's just not a "priority" despite this being pretty fundamental to a POS system. 

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My problem with this is that I am not 100% available to do this every hour I am away from the store. I don't want customers hindered by Shopify limitations......