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At present, Shopify POS has a limitation on the amount of exchanges allowable. It only allows one exchange on a transaction.



If a customer purchases a pair of shoes, comes and swaps them for another size, and then decides that they want another shoe altogether. This isn't an odd purchase pattern, and occurs for one particular client at least twice a week.


The first exchange occurs as per normal, generating a new receipt etc. If you try to exchange the second order, it will not give the option of exchange and will only allow a refund on the Shopify admin. As the first exchange runs on 'exchange credit' however, if you do a refund it will not match up with the actual refund type (cash / credit / etc.). To me this seems like the exchange method is flawed and inflexible for real life retailer scenarios.


Shopify Support recommended using draft orders. This doesn't really fix my issue on POS, nor does it make sense to do - we can't anticipate which clients will want to do multiple exchanges. My only conclusion is that my client should refund every exchange and resell as a new product (which from memory is basically what they expected a merchant to do prior to the exchange function existing?). Has anyone else encountered this, and found a good workaround - this is going to be a dealbreaker for my client, who is already unimpressed with Shopify as a POS solution.

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I'm having exactly the same problem.

If a customer orders a shirt, exchanges it for another size but finally decides to refund, the refund is issued as an exchange credit. I don't see how I can then use that exchange credit to complete another transaction for her as an exchange or convert it into a true refund which is what she wants.

In my payments, I am out in my exchange credits and if I give a refund outside of shopify, I will have a discrepancy.

Did you have any luck rectifying?


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Just encountered this issue/limitation while testing (store will soon launch).  We have replicated this behavior several times which matches the scenario you described (shoe sale).  Ours is an apparel and home furnishings store where we expect customers to exchange or return often, based on sizing, color, overall fit, etc. preferences.  In our testing, Shopify POS did provide a message at point of exchange (for the second exchange on the order) that pointed us to the Shopify app where the refund or exchange can be processed against the order.  However, this transaction is external to Shopify POS, which among other things, means that a receipt will not print from the receipt printer (although the app can print to a printer in the back office), the drawer would have to be "manually" opened (if it is a cash refund), and the end-of-day register balance will not reconcile (if the refund was for cash).  The Shopify payments reporting also  becomes somewhat complicated.


You won't want to piss off the customer while trying to process an exchange this way.  The simple workaround is to not process exchanges, period (unless you have a store policy to allow no more than one exchange per sale...just kidding).  Instead, refund the original sale, and initiate a new sale.

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Yeah correct, even now this still seems to remain the only option - refund and set up a new sale. The only exception is that this method is not useful for online sales.


The reason this doesn’t work for online orders is that generally the payment method used will literally be refunded. Eg - customer pays through payment gateway online, they will be refunded to that card in a couple days time. So unless you have their cooperation in processing a new point (unlikely) they’re probably just wanting their payment method to remain intact. Silver lining is that multiple exchanges are far less likely for online sales (more hassle for the customer to do).

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Quite a few improvements needed to the return, exchange and refund process.
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Shopify, any help with this yet? Is there a way to do multiple exchanges like this from the POS? 

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We just discovered this problem as well.

this is what happened to us.

All on POS

Jacket purchased with a credit card.

Jacket was exchanged for a sweater (using exchange credti).

Sweater was returned. 

We were unaware the refund was only to exchange credit not the original credit card transaction.

Few weeks later, customer filed a Charge Back.

We tried to refund after realizing what happened... can not process refund because its in Charge Back dispute.

We get charged the charge back fee.

Total BS of a system.



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Hey @Anthony_Lee

I agree lots of strides need to be made by Shopify in this case. 

Scenario 1: For the future. Customer buys a jacket with the order number #0001. They then come in and decide they want different size. So you do the exchange, you get order number #0002. The next day they come back and decide instead of the jacket they just want their money back. So what you can do is this. Go to the most recent order in backend shopify. (Not in POS as it if you try and do it in POS it will tell you to go to shopify). Inside of the shopify, go to the #0002 order number, and select "refund". Now, the only option it gives you is to for you to return the money to "exchange credit". Once you have done that, now go BACK to the original #0001 transaction in shopify. Click refund again under the original, and the exchange credit exists for you to be able to refund the original payment method. That has at least worked for us.


Scenario 2: Customer wants to exchange a SECOND time. We typically do the above method, return the money fully to the customer, and allow them to just fully purchase in a brand new transaction. Simple enough barring your customer isn't incredibly annoyed by the 3-5 day wait time on the money going back on the card.


Scenario 3: If it was a gift to the person and they want to do the above most of these solutions get thrown out of the window. We have yet to find a way to remedy this. Because we can't give the money back to the original purchaser and force the person to pay for a gift they received for free. Shopify Please, if I am missing something glaring, I would love to know. I wish you could just press a button that allowed the refund to go to a gift card, so that you could then provide the gift-receiver with compensation. Please Shopify fix this or let us know how complete this on our end. 


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@Shopify bump. Please respond with how we are supposed to handle multiple exchanges. 

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We are having the exact same issue and we are not able to refund to original payment method after 1 exchange is made. Is there a specific app that is used to access customers' exchange credit? Wondering if soon there will be a way to exchange multiple times in the POS system soon...