POS Nightmare!! App & Chip Reader Failing

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We have a brick & mortar store and our POS is being a P.O.S....  


First, the tap & chip reader keeps failing to connect, which we may or may not have solved that for now.


Now the Shopify POS app is constantly going to a loading screen at checkout...

Screen #1)   a sliding pill icon showing that it's loading, but otherwise an empty screen.   


Screen #2)  "Restoring Checkout"



We've been running this with the Shopify Pro POS account for several months without issue. As of a week ago it's been nothing but headaches.  So far we have: 


  1. Updated the iPad (9th Gen) software 
  2. Deleted and Reinstalled the Shopify POS app


Please help before I throw this whole thing out the window!!  





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Hey TrueNosh, 

That is an extremely strange error - I almost think it might be an internet speed/ connectivity issue. Can you run a speed test (here) and let me know what kind of result you get. Hearing that its a recent issue have you changed anything around your network setup? Or has anything been introduced into the environment I have seen Sonos speakers throw off the POS before.  

Let me know anymore details and I am happy to help out!