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I'm not here to complain about not having automatic discounts or exchanges on Shopify Lite, which hampers the ability of small retailers to compete. (OK, I guess I was a little.) Nor do I dislike the new interface which requires you to hit the plus sign (though it took some getting used to). Rather, I am really enjoying the latest changes to POS and wanted TPTB to know I appreciate their efforts.


We've been using Customer View on an old Android tablet since we opened two years ago. I recall there being issues in the beginning, but, for the most part, we have used this function without any problems for those two years. I have offered my input on changes that I wanted to see and I'm happy to see that I clearly wasn't the only one because many were implemented.


At the conclusion of the transaction, the customer now has the ability to not only choose if and how they want a receipt, but Shopify stopped hiding the "no receipt" option at the bottom of the page. That was such an annoyance. Much better now!


If the customer is already in Shop's database, they can now send themselves a receipt without having to enter an email address (or, I assume, a phone number). Great!


If they do choose email and enter their address, they now have the option to opt in or not. This was a major issue for us, as we could not capture the email address of anyone who entered their own info. Thank you, thank you, thank you for fixing this. Our capture rate has improved significantly.


So here's the next thing I'd like to see: If "print receipt" is chosen, regardless of by whom, please lock out the ability to choose "print receipt" again. More often than not, we're printing two receipts rather than one for customers. Sometimes it's due to us asking if they need a receipt because they're not looking at the screen, and then they tap the screen. But often they seem to be hitting the button twice and printing two receipts themselves; perhaps there isn't anything happening on the screen to show they selected it? Not sure how it's happening.


This is wasteful and seems like it would be an easy fix to lock out the option on the customer screen once a request has been submitted. Just as the staff-facing POS screen says "Printing," the customer-facing display should do the same. I'd suggest that the POS screen should permit the printing of a second receipt after the first one has been printed, because I'm sure someone out there uses an extra receipt for something, but lock out the customer display for the rest of the transaction as soon as they opt to print.


Now... Just stop penalizing those of us who can't justify the extra fee for the few common-sense features that are offered only on POS Plus and I'll be a happy camper.

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OK, maybe I'm the only one this bothers. Or maybe there just aren't a lot of POS users. But I just had a customer print FIVE receipts because there's a delay between when he hit the button and when the printer printed.


It felt like it was CVS in here for a moment.

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YES! They need to fix this. Happens to us several times a day.