POS Sales by weight in deli/grocery store (bulk unpackaged candy, meat, cheese, grains)

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We have a brick-and-mortar micro grocery store and an online store as well.  We need something to program our weights into the POS.  One customer may buy a ham at $6.99/lb and by the time it's cut they end up with 1.7 oz.  We've been manually doing the math and then creating a custom sale however, in Kansas sales tax is added to grocery foods, and that jacks with our sales tax.  We do the same for deli cheese and whole chicken we buy locally and sell to the public.  Every answer I have seen is Shopify making us pay yet another monthly subscription to a third-party app to get this completed.  This is honestly a basic store feature that should be included without having to pay even more money.  Sorry if I sound upset it's just irritating that it is not a feature when this is supposed to be a POS system?! Any help would be great.  

Perry's Pork Rinds & Country Store
702 Pine Street Bronson, KS 66716
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