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Hi All,


We've just started using Shopify as our online store, moving over from Lightspeed Ecom. Next step would be to also move our POS to Shopify. But I'm still encountering some problems. Biggest is the need for a repair module. Which is not available at this time. But second issue are Special Orders. As far as I can see, this is also not available, so I'm looking for a workaround. 

Workflow I'm looking at:

- Costumer walks in the shop and wants to buy something that's not in stock. 

- We sell an out-of-stock item and ask for a partial payment. 

- Stock on the item goes to -1. 

- We have an overview (Stocky or another stock management app). Where all -1 items are visible. 

- We order the -1 items at our suppliers. 

- We receive the items. 

- Costumer comes back to the shop, pays the rest of the open amount.. And takes the item with him? 


For this to work, I have to find a view where I can find all -1 items. And order them from the suppliers. It should also be possible to see costumer details when seeing the -1 item. And when navigating to the costumer, you should, must also see the item he partially paid? 

Anyone working with a similar workflow? Or any tips to get this done? 



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Hi Jonas - We have been Lightspeed Onsite users for 10+ years and Lightspeed X series is still not workable for us in terms of back ordering for specific clients and taking deposits on out of stock pieces etc. We also use Magento 2 and are considering moving over to Shopify for the website and ideally to control instore sales and order management etc - did you manage to find a workaround for your out of stock sales? Have you found a good company to support you in Shopify? Thanks