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POS Severely lacking features

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Someone from shopify needs to see this and implement these features. The lack of these features make it IMPOSSIBLE for food retailers to use your POS. If you can get coffee shops, like me, to use your POS you will be the KINGS of POS. Until you make these changes, you wont. 


1) Amount of options. 

I have 20 different drinks, some with up to 10 options. What type of: Milk, syrup, size, for here, to go, whip cream, extra foam, etc. I need more than 3 options. Ridiculous!

2) Choosing variants.

First of all. There needs to just be a screen with all variants on one screen that you choose (like a checkbox) for all variants. Some variants only apply once in a blue moon, but I still need them there. However with the current system, any variant I have, I have to go through (dumb!) I need to have the variant option for whip cream on espresso because once in a while someone wants that. But because of the way the UI is set up I have to go through it every time. Get a check box system, please.

3) Have to make a variant option if I DONT want that variant

Ok so sometimes people want whip cream on their latte. So i make it a variant, but now I have to make another variant that says "no whip cream" bc I have to choose something every time! Dumb! Either get a checkbox system like i said or on the variant options there needs to be an option to choose nothing and move on.

4) Custom notes on EACH line item

I want to put a note on specific drink like "make it less hot", but i cant. I can only put a note on the whole order, which could work but is inefficient because I have to call out every specific so my barista knows which drink im talking about.


Do I need to say more, how am i supposed to tell my employees they cant get CC tips.

6) Having more than 2 options triggers out of stock?

Everything works fine if I have 1 options with 3 variants, but adding the 2nd or 3rd options it always says out of stock on my POS, even if I say do not track. Is this a bug?


These are just the first few I have found, if I find many more, there is no way I could use Shopify POS in my cafe. I will have more. Get on the phone with me and I will single handedly help you corner the market on food establishments. Your back end is 1000x times ahead of the competition, but it wont make a difference if I cant get my basic needs met. 

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I want to make #2 a bit more clear. Lets say I am selling a latte. OK I click latte on my pos, then all my options should show up in one concise menu such as. Size, milk, espresso shots, hot, cold, etc etc. Having to go through things one by one(current way) is inefficient and cumbersome for things that you dont always need to see/use, but still need on your options list to avoid inefficiency later on by having to write in the notes or something. 

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I was looking for latte machine i was searched on google but unable to find please you know where can i find the best one please let me know. Having to go through things one by one(current way).