POS still selling when product set stop selling when out of stock

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Hi There,


I want my POS can not sell when the qty is already out of stock. 

I already set up in product page, set stop selling when out of stock. But still the transaction still go on even the stock is zero.

And I got the negative stock.


how to set POS cannot create order when stock is already OOS ?



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We're having the same issue. POS system still allows the sale of a product into negative even though I have indicated stop selling hen out of stock. Have you found a solution since your post?

Thanks !

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Do you mean you can still create orders with those out-of-stock products?

Then hiding those products from the sell-screen might be a solution. When a product is out of stock, you cannot find them.

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I have the same issue. This should be a basic feature of Shopify POS since the inventory count is separate for each location, like from online vs in-store.

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hi there, im having the same issue, it must be a basic function.

At shopify manual, it says that the POS thinks you alredy have one beacuse its a personal sale, and thats a wrong logic. 

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is there a solution to this? @Shopify