POS Tax Rates Ontario

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Ontario is only set up in Shopify to have one tax rate (HST 13%)

There are several customers who are tax exempt of the Ontario portion which is 8% meaning they need to pay 5% tax.

The only option Shopify POS provides is to turn the 13% tax rate on or off.

The same goes for products which some only have a tax rate of 5%

It’s strange because you can set all of this up for the webstore but not the Point of Sale.

Until this is changed it’s really not useable.

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Did you ever get a solution for this?



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Still no solution for this. 
you should just be able to set up custom tax rates. 

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hi, we ran into this same problem.  You'll need to do the tax exemption within the customer's account.  

In their customer profile there is a section on right for tax settings, you will find all the tax exemptions in there. 

We've been toying with the idea of setting up a blanket "status card customer" which we can select when someone with a status card comes into the store, so we don't need to set up a customer account each time we have to deal with the exemption.