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In our bricks and mortar store we sell luggage. 

On each of our products we have hand written tags to show the RRP and sale price. 

Is there an app that I can connect to my Shopify store that will allow me to create and print out my own price tags to put on the luggage in store that uses the date from Shopify products ?



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@mrskasses - I‘m not aware of such an app, but you could simply export your products to csv and use that data as a serial letter source for the word processing software of your choice, printing labels that way and without the need of a Shopify app at all …

Hope this helps,

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Generally this can depend on your label printers process more than anything.


Otherwise a general process is to export the products to CSV > extract data often to another CSV > use CSV with PDF templates or in label printer software.

There's also creating a utility theme on the store itself to output the prices in a design, or on the individual product pages then use the browsers print functionality. 

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Hello Fiona,

We can create this workflow via our  e-commerce automation platform with ease. If you are keen to explore please reach out to us via email/chat on the website.




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