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Print Online Orders to Shopify POS Receipt Printer

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We are both a restaurant and a retail store. We receive many online orders to our Shopify webstore that need to be fulfilled by our restaurant staff. I've been searching for weeks for a way to have online orders print automatically, in real-time to our Shopify POS receipt printer so that our team can fulfill these orders. 


Currently, someone has to monitor for online orders on the back end, print out each order to a regular printer and walk it next door to our restaurant staff to fulfill. This is inefficient and we have missed fulfilling orders in a timely fashion.


Are there any third party apps that will do this? Do we need to contract with someone to develop this feature for us?


Please help! 

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Hello StJamesCheeseCo,

I am Tarek, an app developer.

Is this still an issue for you?



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I'm not sure if it is still an issue for him, but we are looking for a solution as well.  We are a retail and cafe with a need to receive online orders, in person orders and print to a kitchen printer for staff to fulfill the order.

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We have a similar problem.  We are part hard goods, part food.  The Ready-Pantry app seems to only work for the inventory on hand.  I need the kitchen to receive an order ticket via a printer when a customer orders food so that it can be expedited.

Has anyone found a solution?


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There is an app called Printout Designer which does has this functionality with some caveats. The printer needs to be available on the network or connected directly to a computer. You then install their software (Windows/Mac supported) and when you get an order from Shopify it will print it. It won't just print to a remote printer, it needs the software installed to work. 

It also doesn't work on your Shopify receipt printer, it has to be a separate printer used for printing from Word etc but any printer that you can print to from a Windows machine or Mac should work. 

There is another option if you have a computer there running Outlook which has a connection to a printer. You can create a rule in Outlook that when an email is received to your mailbox e.g. it automatically prints it to the default printer. That works well but the only issue is for rule processing to work in Outlook the application always has to be open. 

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I use printout designer as well.

We use it for printing web orders, but it is dependent on a computer being on all the time.

But In my case when someone comes in and wakes the computer everything prints out that was pending.

No idea if you can use a receipt style printer.

My intended use was when a web order came in someone can at least pull the orders and bring them to our shipping area to be packed and thus removing the items from the sales floor to prevent a sale of something that was already sold.



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@StJamesCheeseCo  @Simplymaes @DHSandCF  @Simon777 @JustinNJ 


We created the perfect application to print each order automatically without worrying about being attached to a tablet or cell phone. On each order placed we print what the customer orders along with any special instructions and address if it is local delivery or shipping and more.

Orders Printer App - click here to see it in the app store ->